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Replace or Repair Faulty Ductwork

You need a dependable HVAC contractor to repair or replace your ductwork. Trust The A/C Ductologist for the job. We work at homes and businesses in the Davie, FL area.

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3 signs you need air duct replacement

Make sure your ductwork is circulating clean air throughout your home with help from The A/C Ductologist. You may need air duct replacement if:

01 // You smell mold or a foul odor coming from your ducts
02 // You see condensation on your ductwork
03 // You see fluid leaking from your ducts

Wet patches on your ceiling or drywall are other indicators that your ductwork may need to be replaced.

Manual D Calculations

Duct Replacement Technology

We have a trained draftsman that takes the exact measurements of your house. All of this information is input into our program. This program calculates the duct sizes and insures your system is balanced properly. This step is critical to making sure the your system runs efficiently and that there isn't any moisture issues. There isn't any guess work done, everything is custom calculated for your home. This is done for every one of our duct replacement jobs to ensure the highest level of quality

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